From Real Life To Pond Life

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Recently after racking my brain for a couple years trying to find this show i actually finally remembered what id been looking and longing for.
Pond Life created in 98 I must have been 9 when this show came out on late night teletoon now known as adult swim.
For those who remember the show it was about a cartoon character named Dolly Pond and her adventures into life. I remember her oddly shaped breast and thinking when will mine develop and will they look like two tennis balls just plopped into two gym socks? Thankfully  now i really don't need to worry about that, I remember feeling very awkward watching these episodes late at night tucked away into my covers.
one of these episodes had exposed me to -THE BIG BAD WORLD OF PORNOGRAPHIC ANIMIE- crazy thing being 9, and not understanding.. let alone not understand about the real world and any sexual acts.
Here's a clip a of episode so enjoy reminiscing in my nostalgic memories.